KF-65A Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Arm Type)

1. Auto intelligent pressing

2. High-density polyethylene case

3. Double pressing monitoring

4. Anti vibrate

5. Pulse monitoring

6. Arrhythmia monitoring

7. HD digital screen. 8. Voice broadcast.

9. With USB port.

Before Measurement

1. keep relax, have a rest for 5 to 10 mins before making measurement

2. Make sure correct posture

3. To avoid exercising, eating, drinking alcohol, coffee, black tea, bathing, smoking and so on.

4. Pls make urination before measurement because blood pressure will go up when in micturition desire.

5. High blood pressure will cause many serious diseases, so it’s very essential to care basic blood pressure to keep blood pressure stable if patients are diagnosed with high blood pressure by doctor.