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Keep moving with confidence, both inside and outside, With a quick-fit adjustable design, this rolling walker provides a perfect fit in seconds. Easy to pack up for travel and storage.

Safety tips

Rollators can be a great way to help you get out and about more easily, but there are some safety dos and don’ts to keep in mind while you’re using it.

✓ Check you can use the brakes easily, that you have enough strength in your grip

✓ Make sure the handles are at the right height

✓ Try and keep your body within the rollator frame. Move with it, try not to twist yourself when you turn it

✕ Sit down on the rollator’s seat without locking the brakes/putting on the parking brake first

✕ Lean too far one way or the other as it could cause you to overbalance and fall

✕ Push the rollator too far ahead of you as it’ll become harder to control. Try and keep it closer to you.


Material :

Aluminum Frame, Liquid-coating

8-inch castors

Loop brakes

handle tube with knob tightenning

PP+PU soft seat

Fold-back foam backrest

Overal Width 630mm

Seat Width 435mm

Overall Length 480mm

Armrest Height 840-985mm

Heigh Adjustment 840-990mm

Weight Capacity 120kg